Static Security Guard Services


Static Security Guard Services

Your assets require the protection and care of suitably-licensed, reliable security officers who have a thorough command of the English language, are pro-active, and are well-presented.

“There is almost nothing worse than having to deal with security officers who are absent-minded, unreliable, untidy, and/or are unable to communicate effectively, both with their team, or with clients.”

If you’ve had these problems, Anchor Security can ensure you won’t have to deal with it again! We provide versatile security officers that are everything you need.

Anchor Security has enjoyed consistent growth through referrals from our clients and industry peers, and are known for consistently providing reliable, well-spoken officers who are capable of performing the duties required.

We are asked to provide tailored solutions for clients to address a variety of needs, in a range of industries; They include:

  • Building Security/Concierge Services
  • Shopping Centres
  • Constructions Sites
  • Gatekeepers, and
  • Body Guards/Minders


Building Security, Concierge Services, and Shopping Centres

All these positions require an unmistakable calibre of character; a person who is concerned about the welfare of others, diplomatic, exhibits exceptional attention to client needs and to that of their customers, is presented immaculately, and can manage unexpected situations in a calm and disciplined manner.

With all Anchor Security officers being trained, briefed and supervised for each assignment, you can be assured that we can deliver what you expect.

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