Guard Dogs


Security Guard Dogs

Used to deter unlawful entry to properties, detect and apprehend offenders, and overall prevent crime in a protected area.

Security dogs can often hear intruders before humanly possible, allowing our guards time to act quickly to any threat.

Their use as an actively defensive security measure has proven to be effective and can provide a significant cost-saving benefit.

Security guard dogs are effective assets in locations such as:

  • Warehouses, Car, boat, or caravan yards
  • Large Construction sites
  • Medical Facilities
  • Golf courses, Car parks,
  • High-crime areas, such as those involved in Drug-abuse or gang-related activities, and
  • Areas prone to vandalism due to social economic reasons, a lack of lighting, or remoteness.

All of our dogs have been professionally trained by Australia’s leading training facility, which also trains army and police dogs. They are not deterred by loud noises or threatening behaviour.

Our dog handlers also undergo proper training and screening to ensure have the correct attitude and professionalism to always conduct themselves and their canine partner in a law abiding and publicly acceptable manner.

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