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Specialised Services - Body guards

While Anchor Security provides a tailored security solution for every client, we often work with clients who need a customised level of security.  Enter our elite, specialised protection.

Our specialised services provides higher levels of security for clients where a standard guard or alarm system are not feasible or appropriate.

This tailored service includes Body Guarding/Executive Protection, be it in a discreet or visible manner with the highest calibre of security professionals.  Not all security guards can perform the role of body guarding, it requires not only additional certification, but expert staff with the skills beyond personal protection.

Close Personal Protection (CPP) is the industry term used for bodyguarding.  Anchor Security CPP operatives are physically fit, maintain laser focused situational awareness, mental resilience, excellent communication skills and are constantly assessing real, potential and live threats of the principle/principles.

Anchor Security regularly perform domestic, national and international body guard duties.  Clients include Australian and International A-grade celebrities, CEOs, Board members, and international sporting teams, music stars and high risk individuals.

CPP services are charged on a per day rate.  Our services often include full transport and logisitics coordination with our preferred drivers who have the added benefit of also being licenced security guards. 

We have male and female CPP operatives.

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