Private Party Security


Private Function Security

We want you to have a successful and safe party. 


Protect yourself from gatecrashers and let us look after your party so you can enjoy the event.

Private parties can either be held in the client’s home or workplace or a hired venue for the event.

We are experts in private party security.  With over 80 fully licensed and experienced security guards, our business has been operating for over 20 years. 

All our officers have valid First Aid Certificates, hold an appropriate and valid security operator license and work under the direction of a valid Master Security Licence holder – as per NSW legislation.

Private events we specialise in:

  • 16th Birthday Party Security
  • 18th Birthday Party Security
  • 21st Birthday Party Security
  • School Events & Fundraisers
  • Corporate Function Security
  • Large outdoor Event Security
  • Wedding Security
  • Funeral & Wake Security

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure the party runs the way they want it to with the greatest success.  We can have a large visual presence throughout the party or we can be there if you need us, while leaving you to let your hair down.

While no one organises a party or event expecting there will be trouble, our experience proves that even the best of party plans can fail.

It’s always recommended to engage us for your private party protection, where we can actively ensure the safety of your event keeping the party-goers and the property safe.

We’ve been responsible from guarding 7 figure diamond jewelry worn on a celebrity at an event through to administering significant first aid to very unwell teenagers.  We have seen it all and can offer so much value to your event:

We can:

  • Liaise with neighbours and the police, before and during the event
  • Run a door list to ensure only invited guests are permitted
  • Supply a variety of wrist band options (entry permit, alcohol free, over 18 etc)
  • Deter uninvited guests from entering
  • Assist with any illness or injury that happens during the event
  • Perform perimeter patrols and ensure no unauthorised access occurs (we can also offer our security guard dogs)
  • Ensure that guests stay within the party and have no pass-outs
  • At the end of the event, ensuring that everyone leaves and vacates the vicinity safety, quickly and quietly!

Did you know that Anchor Security has an Events division.  If you are looking for customer service staff and ushers, contact us. 

We work many large scale events of up to 200 staff across our security and events portfolio.

7 Top Tips to host a SAFE Private Party

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