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CCTV / Security Camera Systems

Perfect for Retail and Commercial Security applications!

They are many CCTV / Security Camera products on the market and it can be hard to know the difference between what’s reliable and rubbish.

There’s no point installing a CCTV system that’s going to break-down after three months. Camera systems that don’t work, won’t capture the evidence you need to convict a criminals. We supply and install CCTV / Security Camera systems that have passed our rigid testing procedures to ensure you get a reliable system that provides you with a superior-quality playback.

Anchor Security installs, upgrades, and maintains security cameras systems throughout Sydney’s metropolitan area and performs work for a range of project sizes, from stand-alone domestic and commercial systems, to entertainment arenas with workstations and video walls.

For those wanting the latest in CCTV technology, you may like to consider digital technology as opposed to analogue, click through to read about the Benefits of Digital over analogue video, and be sure to ask about it when you give us a call.

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