Marine Security


If it floats – Anchor it!

Australians love to get out on the water, and as our name suggests, Anchor Security love boats.

We know that the stresses placed on families mean that boats can be left for long periods of time unattended. Boats are a huge investment and its important to fully protect them.

With our own patrol vessel we are able to provide water security patrol services to your boats, and our patrol cars can provide nightly lock ups for Marinas, as well as ensuring individual boats are protected.

Anchor provides technology that enables the boat owners to have greater awareness about their boat even when they can’t see it. Technology includes the ability to be able to report via SMS directly to your phone about items such as boat battery levels, bilge pump and GPS locations. You have the ability to control your boat’s electrical features remotely too.

We can also include anti-theft and tamper measures such as sirens, sensors and alarms to deter unauthorised access to your vessel.

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