Security Patrols


Security Patrol Services

Provide protection for your property, inventory, equipment, and cash assets.

A Security Patrol service offers a high-visibility security solution that tells potential offenders that you take the security of your assets seriously.

An effective defensive security strategy, offering protection from criminal acts such as burglary and vandalism, they can also be an effective proactive security measure, ensuring your property is secure when staff have left.

We service residential and commercial clients through-out the Inner Sydney metropolitan area with Patrol officers who are uniformed and well presented in Anchor Security’s fleet of marked patrol cars. See our Service Areas.

What can we do for you?

  • Patrol, Lock-up, and/or Unlock Properties
  • Report changes to your property and its environment that you may otherwise miss.
  • Challenge persons found on site who may be loitering in the area,
  • Report suspicious activity in the area, such as people watching your property from nearby vehicles, and
  • Respond to emergency situations such as power-outages and alarm responses to verify your property’s integrity.

Anchor Security also provides services for “Gated Communities” and neighbourhoods.


As services can be highly customised, our pricing reflects those considerations, but are probably more affordable than you think.

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